Primark Head to Toe!

Hi Everyone!

Being in a wheelchair means dressing for Autumn/ Winter is a bit more of a faf than usual as it involves lots of layering, boots and coats which can be super difficult to get on and off, so that’s why I love these jumpers from Primark at the moment! I literally have them in about 5 different colours because they’re so comfy and cosy! This one is a gorgeous teal colour, which was fun to wear, as it’s still a pop of colour coming up to the colder months.

I like to wear simple, comfy black leggings as a style staple and they’re good for ease when you’re disabled!! I also struggle a lot with boots because I have bad circulation and my feet get swollen, so when I found these gorgeous wide-fit biker style boots in Primark which fit perfectly, I was super happy! They also have faux fur on the inside so they’re really warm!

I recently purchased a few accessories from Primark including the necklace and handbag, which I thought complemented the outfit well, but also this super soft, big tartan scarf! It was such a reasonable price for the amount and quality of material and it added another dimension of colour to tie in with the handbag. I have been naughty and snuck in a non-Primark piece and that is the sunglasses that are Converse, but I just love them at the moment because of the colour and shape, which is so flattering!

It was such a sunny day when I photographed this outfit, so I apologise that the sun takes away from the outfit slightly. It did mean that it was really warm outside though and I had to make the most of it, as that might be the last bit of warmth we have in the UK before winter now!!

Primark are seriously on point with their Autumn clothing at the moment and I can’t wait to show you more outfits in the future as I’m sure I’ll be visiting Primark on a regular basis as per usual! What things from Primark have you been buying? Any recommendations for me?

Much love,

(All photographs taken on my Olympus Pen E-PL7)

2 thoughts on “Primark Head to Toe!

  1. Love your blog. I totally agree Primark have done well this season. My favourite thing so far is the colours they’ve used. Lots of shades of green and orange! 😀


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