Christmas Candles in Autumn..!

When I was younger, I used to take the mick out of my mum for having hundreds of candles around the house.. now I am just as bad, if not worse! I have a serious addiction and when I recently went to Homesense in Northampton and they had their range of Christmas candles out, I just couldn’t resist! I have also picked up a couple from other shops too, so if you’re a fan of candles, particularly Christmas ones like me, then keep reading and keep your eyes pealed in the shops!

Copenhagen Candle Company – ‘Christmas Tree’

As you may imagine, this smells a lot like a Christmas Tree! I’m really not a fan of candles that have a spice to them so this is a lovely subtle pine scent which reminds me of walks in the forest and Center Parcs!

Chesapeake Bay Candle - 'Christmas Carol'
Chesapeake Bay Candle – ‘Christmas Carol’

I’m not entirely sure why this one is called ‘Christmas Carol’, it’s probably because it’s Christmas related! But it’s not one for those of you who aren’t a fan of sweet scents as it’s a gorgeous vanilla smell, with a bit of cookie dough thrown in for good measure! It’ll be great if you like your house to smell of baking!!

'Warm Fuzzy Blanket'
‘Warm Fuzzy Blanket’

Don’t you just love this name?! It’s so perfect for a wintery candle as all I want to be doing in winter is to be snuggled up in a blanket all cosy watching Christmas films! I’m not sure what make this is but I got it from Homesense; again, it’s another vanillery smelling candle but also reminds me of the smell when your clothes are freshly washed!

Primark - 'Falling Star'
Primark – ‘Falling Star’

I’m obsessed with this packaging! It looks so pretty and I can’t wait to keep the jar and use it for storing things, maybe make up brushes, once the candle has burnt out! The scent is really hard to describe, it’s lovely and I think it’s mostly scented with a winter berry smell which is one of my favourites.

Ikea - 'Vinter 2015'
Ikea – ‘Vinter 2015’

This is my least favourite looking out of the bunch as the packaging is quite plain, but oh my, it smells so gorgeous! It’s a mixture of all different winter berries and rather than being overly sickly sweet, it’s sweet but in a berry pudding kind of a way!

So I hope this has inspired you guys to go out and have a look for some lovely candles for winter, they’re so perfect for in the evenings as they make the house so cosy and warm, especially when it’s freezing outside! Also, I apologise for my descriptions of the smells…!! You definitely have to try (smell) them for yourself!

Much Love,

(All photographs taken on my Olympus Pen E-PL7)

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