Looking at The Year Ahead



Hi Everyone,

As you can tell from the title of this post, I really want to talk about my thoughts ahead of the year to come and what I’m most looking forward to! I’ve never really put up such a personal post, so bare with me and I hope you enjoy reading.
Most people start a new year with a big aim to get fit and healthy and most of the time they keep it up for a few months and then it falls by the way side! But I actually really started to think about this last year; in February I will have been going swimming every week for a year which I am so proud of! I only go once a week because I have to travel for 45 minutes to get to the closest swimming pool with a hoist so I can get in! I am getting married in May, so I wanted to lose some weight; I have never believed that you have to be skinny to get married (and I certainly won’t be!) but if I can put my wedding dress on knowing that I’ve done my best to get healthy, then I will be happy!
Losing weight when you’re permanently in a wheelchair is possibly the HARDEST thing! I don’t eat particularly badly, I know what I can and can’t eat, obviously I still treat myself from time to time, but not standing or moving definitely creates a barrier! And this is why I love swimming so much. This year I want to keep this up and go swimming as much as I possibly can, while eating healthily too.
Obviosuly as you can guess, I’m so excited to get married this year!! We have a lot of things sorted, a few bits still to complete but we’re really on top of everything which is a good place to be 5 months before the big day! My dress is ordered, shoes purchased and I can’t wait to decide on my make up look for the day, I’ll do a post all about it after the wedding!
For our honeymoon, we’re going on a cruise to New York and Boston in America and Halifax in Canada and I cannot wait! I have cruised a few times before and I couldn’t recommend anything else if you’re in a wheelchair as they are so accessible and SO much easier than flying and risking wheelchair’s etc being smashed to pieces in the luggage hold! To be honest they’re fantastic holidays for able bodied people too, my family love going on them!
As for the rest of this year, I just want to have fun! I love spending time with my family and friends and I want to do this much more this year. I sometimes lack the energy to make plans and I can get lazy, so I need to make the effort! I also cannot wait to see my blog grow; I love coming up with new posts, taking photographs and talking about things that I love. I really hope you guys like reading it and if you do, please let people know! It means so much to me and of course I want to continue to inspire others as much as possible!
I have so much to look forward to this year, I want to work hard, stay focussed and enjoy myself! Do you have any ‘New Years resolutions’ this year?
Much Love,

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