Kiko BFF Make Up Collection Review


Hi Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day!

When Kiko launched their new BFF collection, I instantly fell in love! Kiko is a relatively new brand to the UK and it’s extremely affordable. I first purchased some of their products when I was in Spain but they are opening up more and more shops around the UK which makes their stuff much easier to get your hands on!

The BFF collection couldn’t be more perfect for a Valentine’s Day post! As you can see, the packaging is stunning and the products are really good too. I only purchased a couple of pieces; there are 6 lipsticks in total, 6 lip pencils, 3 nail polish shades and even more available in store or online.


The face palette has 2 shades of blush and a bronzer; they’re all really illuminating so I think I’ll get much more use of them in summertime for a fresh face look.


Not only are these the prettiest lipsticks I’ve ever seen but they also have a great formula. They’re moisturising and creamy but not super glossy either for those of you who love a matte lip!


I was really surprised when I opened the box for the lipbalm, that the heart shaped pot came in a little pink drawstring pouch, which for the price is amazing and makes it feel very high end. The balm itself is quite sheer with a subtle hint of colour, it’s really easy to apply and moistures lips well.


Have you ever tried Kiko products before? What else would you recommend that I try?

Much Love,

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