Top 10 Most Used iPhone Apps


Hi Everyone!

If you’re anything like me you love to find out which apps people use, for photo editing and social media. I have listed below my 10 most used iPhone apps which I love. So if you haven’t got them already, get downloading!

Social Media

  • Instagram – Needs no explanation! It’s one of the best ways of expressing yourself whether you’re a blogger or not, in the most unique and interesting ways. Click Here to take a look at my profile!
  • Facebook – Where would I be without my daily dose to keep me occupied when I’m bored?!!
  • Youtube – I have to confess I’m addicted! I love watching youtuber’s videos on beauty and fashion for inspiration. It’s also interesting to watch vlogs as you get to see another side of youtuber’s lives and the reality and normality away from the static lens. One day I would love to make videos, but I’m just not confident enough yet!
  • Snapchat – This is a great way to attempt to vlog on a small scale. It’s fun playing with all the filters and another social media outlet to get your name heard.
  • Twitter – As before, a fantastic tool in building up your blog reputation, a good way to see what brands are up too with new releases and of course, to catch up on all the worlds gossip 😉

Photo Editing

  • VSCO – This is the app I use the most to edit my photographs, the filters are amazing and it’s really simple to use. If you’d like to find out the process I go through to edit my Instagram photos then please let me know!
  • AfterLight – I use this to get the white border around my photographs.
  • Facetune – A great way to lighten the background of your images by using the whiten tool. I don’t normally use any of the other filters in photos, but if you’re looking for an app to make your skin smooth and flawless in photographs, then this is the one for you!


  • ASOS – I literally couldn’t live without this app in my life! Sad I know! It’s so easy to navigate and they have the most brilliant collection of fashion and beauty brands you would ever need! All at one click of a very dangerous button..!
  • Zara – Another app which contains beautiful clothes and accessories that just have to be purchased!

So there we go, my top 10 most used iPhone apps at the moment. What are your favourite? Are there any I should check out? Please let me know if you want a blog post on how I edit my Instagram pics!

Much Love,

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