April Favourites

Hi Everyone,

So for the first time I thought I’d show you all of the things I’ve been loving the most through the past month. These will include beauty, fashion and other random bits!

Beauty Favourites


I picked this up after hearing quite a few youtubers talk about it and I’m in love! It’s got an amazing consistency; I get really dry skin but this isn’t drying at all and feels so light when you put it on yet it has a medium coverage. There are only 2 colour options though and luckily the Light/Medium suits my skintone, but if you are any paler then this might not work for you.


My mum bought me this as a present and I’ve been loving using it lately! I wear it under my foundation and then over the top once I’ve finished all of my make up and it not only keeps my make up in place for a long time but it also feels so refreshing.


I’ve always wanted a tangle teezer but couldn’t bring myself to pay the price of one, so when I saw this in Pound World of all places, I had to give it a go! Obviously it’s not going to be anywhere near as good or sturdy, but for the price it’s a really amazing brush. It’s comfortable to hold and considering I have super knotty hair, it doesn’t tear it as much as other brushes I have tried.


This is honestly one of the best skin care purchases I have ever made, it’s moisturising and it makes my skin so soft. I have almost finished the whole pot in a month as I’ve been using it both morning and night!


Dusty Pink, Hot Berry, Hot Orange, Rose Brown

I apologise for the state of these lipsticks, you can tell they’re well used! I would really recommend trying the Bobbi Brown Art Stick if you love a matte lip but hate your lips getting really dry. They aren’t massively moisturising but not drying either, they have a satin finish and the pigmentation of them is amazing. It also helps that they are both a liner and a lipstick so it’s easy to apply in a rush!


My final beauty favourite is this lip liner from New Look; when I haven’t been wearing the Bobbi Brown art sticks, I have been wearing this with gloss over the top. It’s really creamy to apply and stays put for a long time.

Random Favourites

In April I watched this brilliant program called Thirteen on BBC iPlayer, it was really gripping and interesting and definitely worth a watch! It’s a drama series based on a girl who has escaped from being trapped in a cellar, it sounds a bit grim but I promise you it’s really well done!

My final favourite is a youtuber and blogger called Josie from Fashion Mumblr. Her youtube is amazing, she posts some brilliant content including loads of fashion and beauty which of course I love! But her blog is also stunning too. She is also as obsessed with Quay sunglasses as I am!

You can find her blog here and her youtube here.

Let me know if this was something you enjoyed reading so I can continue these blog posts each month!?

Much Love,

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