Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Review


Hi Everyone,

Fortune Favours the Brave is the latest eyeshadow palette released by Makeup Revolution and it has been designed by blogger ‘British Beauty Blogger’. I have tried quite a few of Makeup Revolutions products before including a few of their palettes which I’ve always loved.


As you can see it comes in beautiful gold packaging which is super sleek and the eyeshadows themselves are gorgeous! Most of the colours are quite neutral but there are some darker shades perfect for contour and a smokey eye on the right hand side. There are colours in this palette that will suit everyone and because of the variation in shades they will easily take you from day to night.



Above From L-R; Skylight, Green Machine, Pink Diamond, New World, Super Gold

The eyeshadows are creamy and easy to blend, although it takes a couple of layers to get a strong pigmentation. I use the lighter shades as a base and highlight for the corner of my eye; Pink Diamond which I have swatched above is one of my favourites for this.

The palette is definitely worth purchasing if you’re in the market for some new eyeshadows, it’s really affordable and you can get so many different looks out of it, which makes it perfect for travelling too!

Have you tried many of Makeup Revolutions products before? Is there anything else you think I should try?

Much Love,


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