London Stratford Haul and Hotel Review

Hi Everyone!

So last weekend I had a little trip away to London to visit friends and so we stayed in the Premier Inn at Westfield Shopping Centre. I bought some amazing clothes whilst I was there. I’ve also completed a review of the hotel as it wasn’t the best stay I’ve ever had!

Clothes Haul

Jeggings – Select
Dress – Primark
Dress – New Look
Jacket – Zara
T-Shirt – Zara
Dress – Next

Hotel Review

I’ve never stayed in the Premier Inn here before and I had heard that they had a room with a ceiling hoist. I called them about a week before to ask if they had and if they could reserve it for me; they told me that I could request it but that it wouldn’t be guaranteed and I should bring my manual hoist anyway. This seemed so silly to have to bring my manual hoist ‘just in case’, why couldn’t they just book the room out for me?!

Anyway, we arrived on the Saturday to find that we had been allocated the disabled room with the hoist; when we got to the room we discovered that the ceiling hoist wasn’t actually attached, the tracking was in the completely wrong place for positioning on the bed and it never went over the toilet.

The hoist literally went over the end of the bed, which is in the complete wrong place! How would I sleep at night on the bottom of the bed…?

As you can see here, the toilet wasn’t anywhere near the hoist and to use the toilet from the hoist, I would’ve had to had used the chair on wheels which was actually dirty from previous users.. Really not something I wanted to use!! Luckily I still brought my manual hoist as they advised and thank goodness I did as it made my stay so much easier.

When you’re in a wheelchair going away is hard enough and you hear there is a ceiling hoist in a hotel you expect it to be suitable, to make a disabled persons life easier! Overall the hotel room was poorly laid out and in some aspects very un-hygienic which is so surprising as I’ve had many amazing stays in Premier Inn’s around the UK. When they plan out disabled rooms, people with severe disabilities need to get involved and help in the planning process because no matter how sympathetic someone might be, they will never know the in’s and out’s of what is really needed for a disabled person.

Have you ever stayed in this hotel before? Did you have any difficulties if you are in a wheelchair?

Much Love,

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