BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette Review


Hi Everyone!

I’ve had this palette a while now and I really wanted to share my thoughts because I know how hotly anticipated it was! It’s also a luxury brand, with a luxury price tag so I hope my views can help you decide whether it’s worth the cost.


The most infamous shade in the palette is Champagne Pop, shown above on the bottom row on the left; I had never actually tried this before even though it has such a huge fan base and it didn’t disappoint! It is the most gorgeous high light with a pinky gold undertone which would flatter so many people.

The other highlight in the palette is Prosecco Pop which is much more gold based and is perfect for an evening make up look as it really ‘pops’.


The three blush shades are insanely pigmented and I love the variation in colours within this one palette. The shade Rose Spritz could be used as both a highlight and a blush as it has a really luminous finish which is perfect for a daytime look and for quickness!

Amaretto is more brown toned and to be honest I’d probably use this for contour on my cheek bones rather than on the apples of my cheeks as I’m always much too pale! If you were tanned after a holiday however or have a darker skin tone, then this would be a lovely bronze blush shade.

The final colour in the palette is Pamplemousse which is a beautiful pink which can certainly pack a punch! You have to be so gentle when applying this, use a tiny bit on your brush and build the colour up slowly, else you could end up looking like a clown! (Unless that’s the look you’re going for of course!)


From L – R – Prosecco Pop, Champagne Pop, Pamplemousse, Amaretto, Rose Spritz

All in all, I’d say this palette is worth the money if you love your highlighter as much as me! The formula is amazing, the highlighters and blushers are so buttery and pigmented which means they will last for quite a while.


Have you tried this palette, what did you think?

Much Love,


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