Kylie Cosmetics First Impressions and HONEST Review


Hi Everyone!

So about a month ago I made an order from Kylie Cosmetics. I’d never really bothered before because I’m not a huge fan of matte liquid lipsticks but when she released glosses, I knew I wanted to try them. It wasn’t until her birthday collection went live that I decided to see what I could get as it all looked so nice!

Unfortunately all of the eyeshadows and the metallic liquid lipstick from her birthday collection sold out super quickly but I managed to pick up Poppin’ Gloss and two of her original glosses, Posie K and Like. I was happy with my purchases as I thought I had a good range of colours to try out.

They arrived about two and a half weeks later which isn’t too bad considering they’ve come all the way from the US and the packaging is really pretty. They look super sleek, especially the gold on the Poppin’ Gloss and I was so excited to try them!


Delivery – Ok so when you initially order from Kylie Cosmetics you have to pay a delivery charge of $14.95 which is around £11, in my opinion this is ridiculously expensive for the sheer size of the products, does she need to send everything in a one size fits all big square box?

And then the big blow was when they actually got to the UK and I came home to find a card from the Post Office requiring me to pay £15.00 in customs charges… what a joke!! Customs charges is why I very rarely order from the US and this has put me off even more now.

But were the products actually worth the huge delivery costs..?!

In one word… No!

As i said before I picked up the following three colours;


Posie K



The applicator is a small brush which on ‘Like’ some of the bristles were actually bent which made it even harder to apply the product. The glosses themselves are so thick that the brush took too much of the product and I had to wipe a lot of it off around the stem of the tube and it really needs a better bottle to stop wastage of the gloss.

I think they would also really benefit from a doe foot type applicator rather than the brush, in the same way that I’ve seen from youtube etc that the matte liquid lipsticks have?! It would make it much easier to apply and give a more even finish.

The glosses are super pigmented which is good and the range of shades is really nice but because of the difficulty of application, I’d have to say my favourite is Poppin’. It’s a great gloss for a bit of sass on it’s own or paired with another lipstick underneath would work well for a statement lip. It’s also the least sticky out of all three because they all have a very sticky finish and would not do well outside with wind and long hair!


Overall I’m not hugely impressed; with the delivery charges and the glosses themselves, I think Kylie has a long way to go to perfecting her products. Obviously other people may think completely different to me and love them! But these are all my own honest opinions.

Much Love,


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