Urban Decay Moondust Palette Review and Make Up Look


Hi Everyone!

My friend recently went to America and I asked her to pick me up this eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay in Sephora as it hadn’t been released in the UK yet.. it since has, so I wanted to tell you all about it and create a make up look using it, so I can give you an idea of what it looks like on my face!

Firstly, the packaging is beautiful it’s so super sparkly from the outside all the way through to the eyeshadows themselves. The packaging is quite hefty though, so it’s not massively great for travel as it would take up a lot of room in my make up bag!


As you can see there is a whole range of colours and shades, all of which are glittery and not for the faint hearted! The moondust name itself gives you an idea of why the colours have been selected as the majority are cool toned and space-like shades.


L – R: Specter, Element, Magnetic, Lightyear, Granite, Lithium, Vega, Galaxy


When I swatched the eye shadows I was so excited by the pigmentation of them and the colours but I could already feel that some of them were much more buttery than others. They applied really well with my fingers but as soon as I started to use them with a brush on my face, the pigmentation was nowhere near as strong and there was a lot of glittery fall out!


I used the shades Specter as a base, Magnetic as all over colour and Granite in the crease. I found that although they weren’t super pigmented, it was easy to build up the colour and you could create a look you wanted quite easily. I do want to try them wet too because it will help much more if you want very pigmented eye shadow and I think that Urban Decay have created these shadows this way, so you have both options.

Because of the fall out, I did the rest of my foundation etc afterwards and this was fine. There is always going to be some fall out when using glittery eye shadows and it wasn’t extreme.


Overall I love this palette purely because it’s so sassy! It’s perfect for evening looks but you can also use the more warm tone shades like Specter and Element for a daytime look. I would say that the eye shadow looks so much better in person because you can see the full effect more than in still photos, so please bare that in mind and of course I’m no make up artist, so these are purely my opinions on how I’ve found the product to be as an amateur! 😉

You can buy the palette here in the UK!

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts?

Much Love,

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