Primark Skincare – Testing and Review


Hi Everyone!

Following on from my Poundland Make Up Look review, I thought I’d carry on this budget beauty series with these Primark skincare products. I’ve been trying them for a couple of weeks now, one of them actually featured in my September favourites here, so it might give you a good idea of what I think of them!


The first product I tried was the Love to Glow Moisturiser, I have been using it (mostly) each morning and night and my skin feels so much better for it. This is the worst time of year for our skin because of the cold, windy weather and I really feel like this is an essential you need! It almost has a iridescent shine within it which helps with the ‘glow’ but doesn’t make you look shiny at all.


The other product I’ve been testing is the ‘Instant Radiance Serum’. I wasn’t exactly hoping for much considering it’s low price and Primark obviously don’t specialise in skincare products, but again this has really surprised me. In a way you could use this on it’s own without the moisturiser as a base as this is very moisturing in itself. But I like to use them together as this is still a brilliant primer to use before foundation.

It’s quite a thick consistency but it melts into the skin really quickly. In the same way as the moisturiser, it has a iridescent shine to it but much more obvious. This isn’t a problem for me because as my skin gets quite dry, I like products that give that ‘glowing from within’ look, but if you have oily skin this might be too much.


Overall at only £3.00 each, I’d definitely recommend you trying these out and I can’t wait to try some more Primark skincare products.

Are there any other budget beauty brands you’d like me to test and review? I can do make up looks with budget make up brands or more skincare reviews like this one. Please let me know in the comments!

Much Love,

2 thoughts on “Primark Skincare – Testing and Review

  1. Great post! I was interested in seeing what the Primark products were like and you’ve sold me. I bought a concealer pen from there last week but unfortunately it doesn’t work! The tester was good though and I will definitely try the skincare after your review xx

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