Wedding Series – DIY


Hi Everyone,

It’s Wedding Wednesday again and as promised this post is all about the DIY we created for our big day.

Weddings can be expensive and as I love creative and arty things, I wanted to incorporate as much DIY as possible into our day. Some of the things are so simple but saved us hundreds of pounds by printing / putting things together ourselves rather than hiring a company to do it. It takes a lot of time and patience but it felt so worth it when our guests kept telling us how lovely and personal the wedding felt and that they appreciated the effort we put in.


Our wedding was Camper Van and rainbow themed and we wanted to use lots of flowers in our decorations. We had glass jars on our top table running all the way across the front as well as large vases and smaller jars for the centre pieces. We decorated all of these ourselves with multi-coloured ribbons, washi tape and appliqué flowers which we purchased from ebay, hobby craft and pound land to keep the costs down. It meant that each jar/vase was individual and each table was unique.

We also used a lot of fake flowers in our decorations to cut down on costs as real flowers can be so expensive as we found out quickly! We mixed them in with some real flowers and it worked so well. I also decided that the bridesmaids bouquets as shown above would be fake flowers which ended up saving us over £500 (I did have 7 bridesmaids after all..!!). Obviously we didn’t want anything to look cheap and tacky but if you find the right fake flowers, they will look just as good and it meant that rather than them dying and being thrown away, each of the bridesmaids could always keep them to remind them of our wedding day.

I purchased the vast amount of fake flowers from IKEA, Dunhelm and local garden centres.


Another major part of the table decorations were the place sittings and for these we stamped every persons name individually onto brown tags; it was the most time-consuming DIY we did but they turned out really well.

The numbers on each table coordinated with the names on our table plan and I made them by using poundland gold frames with the glass taken out and using hessian in the background for a vintage feel with the table number traced using small rainbow silky roses also from poundland. It’s amazing what you can get in there and it just proves you don’t need to spend a fortune.


And speaking of the table plan ours was so fun to make! We found a 60s case in a vintage store and decorated it to suit our theme. I hand drew camper vans and coloured them in and then we just printed the list of names for each table.


Some of the DIY was really simple; we created and printed our own Order of Services (bearing in mind that printing them so they appeared in the right order when stapling, was ridiculously tedious and required a lot of patience!!) our menus for each table and a quiz for the guests to do while they ate their food. I found the borders etc from google and created them easily in word.


This was along with the signage for our photo booth, Pick n Mix table and guest book table. I think it’s really important to create signs so that it’s completely obvious what you want your guests to do especially when it comes to the guestbook area. We had white wooden hearts we wanted people to decorate and sign so we could create a frame to hang up on our wall at home, as well as the basic guestbook and without signs, it could get really complicated and you don’t want people spending forever there as you want to spend time with them!


I saw the above idea from my endless searches and obsession during the planning of the wedding(!) on Pinterest. We purchased the wooden arrows from hobby craft and a wooden stake from B&Q and literally wrote everything on in sharpies! Looking back I wish the writing had been more fancy and coherent, but I still think they look brilliant.

I know there’s a lot to take in on this post but I just wanted to show you that anything DIY’d doesn’t have to look cheap and actually it gives such a lovely personal feel to your wedding. There are so many ways to make your weddings individual and DIY is a brilliant one.


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