Wedding Series – The Dress


Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe it but this is the last in my Wedding Wednesday series and I thought it should end on a good one.. my dress!

Ever since I was a child I always wanted the dream princess wedding dress like in the Disney films, never giving much thought to the fact I would be in a wheelchair on my wedding day! So when my husband proposed, I got lots of anxiety about finding my dress and rather than looking forward to the search I was actually dreading it.

I began looking online to see some of the options out there and decided that I should probably go for a tea length dress as a full length dress would drown me and I wouldn’t be able to have a train etc anyway. I knew that I wanted to visit a particular wedding shop in Wellingborough and luckily they stocked the brand of dress I wanted to try which was Lou Lou Brides.img_8843-copyimg_8895-copywedding-sn-012-copy

I tried on about 6 different dresses before I found ‘the one’. I initially wanted a dress with a high waistband as I thought it would suit me better sitting down and I knew I definitely wanted a dress with sleeves. Lou Lou specialises in tea length dresses which you can have in around 3 different lengths, it actually turns out that their shortest length fitted me perfectly and looked like I was wearing a full length dress!

The trying on of the dresses was the most tricky part as you can imagine, with each dress having about 30 layers of tulle and netting! But with helpful bridesmaids and my mum, we got it down to a fine art!

The dress I chose was in a vintage style with elbow length sleeves, lace detailing, lots of tulle and a big bow on the waist band. It ended up having a lower waistband that I thought I would want too, so it just shows that what you think you want might not be what you should get!

Once I had decided on the dress, obviously it had to be ordered in and then the alteration process began. The seamstress I had was so helpful, she had some brilliant ideas on how to make it work the best for me. She ended up altering the dress to a ‘sit down’ dress which involved moving up the waist band slightly at the back and rather than a zip fastening as originally made, she altered the back into a corset. She also took away lots of the layers of tulle at the back of the dress so it was more comfortable to sit down in all day.


Obviously as I’m in a wheelchair I wasn’t sure about wearing a long veil because it would be too much and I really wanted a birdcage veil as I loved the effect of it and it matched the style of my dress. But I did want to jazz up my wheelchair a bit and with the help of my parents spray painting and decorating it and adding a veil onto the back which I kept on all day, it looked really amazing!!


One of the most important factors of any girls wedding day, other than the dress of course, is the shoes! I’ve documented many times on this blog how much I struggle to find shoes that will fit my wide feet but completely and utterly by chance, I happened to be in New Look near the kids section when my mum spotted the most incredible glittery shoes. And by some miracle they actually fit me! And were only £7!!wedding-sn-008-copy

I found some bows on ebay in the same glitter to add onto the front so I could cover up more of my feet and I absolutely loved them! They were so comfortable and I had so many compliments on them as they just peeked out the bottom of my dress.


As much as I was dreading going wedding dress shopping; in the end it was so much fun, I found the dress of my dreams and I honestly didn’t want to take it off! So if you’re in a similar situation to me, then just enjoy it and embrace every minute because it’s all over so quickly.

I wish I could live it all again and to be honest writing these posts has brought it all back to life, so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them!

My Dress was from Lou Lou – The Cynthia Dress
I purchased it from Brides of Wellingborough
Birdcage Veil – Once In a Lifetime, Milton Keynes
Shoes – New Look Kids
Wheelchair Veil – Ebay (similar here)

Much Love,

So Tonal


Hi Everyone,

This look started off from this incredible teddy bear jacket; I loved the colour and texture and I hadn’t really seen anything else like it. Tonal looks are in this season and the mixture of the orangey browns and nudes works so well to create an Autumn look.

Can I also just take a minute for this snake necklace too which I literally purchased the second I spotted it! I love anything that’s unique and it’s going to be perfect with high neck tops and knitwear this season.


Jacket – Boohoo
Top – H&M
Jeggings – Select
Boots – ASOS
Bag – Stradivarius
Hat – M&S (Can’t find online, check in store)
Necklace – H&M (Can’t find online, check in store)

Much Love,

Wedding Series – DIY


Hi Everyone,

It’s Wedding Wednesday again and as promised this post is all about the DIY we created for our big day.

Weddings can be expensive and as I love creative and arty things, I wanted to incorporate as much DIY as possible into our day. Some of the things are so simple but saved us hundreds of pounds by printing / putting things together ourselves rather than hiring a company to do it. It takes a lot of time and patience but it felt so worth it when our guests kept telling us how lovely and personal the wedding felt and that they appreciated the effort we put in.


Our wedding was Camper Van and rainbow themed and we wanted to use lots of flowers in our decorations. We had glass jars on our top table running all the way across the front as well as large vases and smaller jars for the centre pieces. We decorated all of these ourselves with multi-coloured ribbons, washi tape and appliqué flowers which we purchased from ebay, hobby craft and pound land to keep the costs down. It meant that each jar/vase was individual and each table was unique.

We also used a lot of fake flowers in our decorations to cut down on costs as real flowers can be so expensive as we found out quickly! We mixed them in with some real flowers and it worked so well. I also decided that the bridesmaids bouquets as shown above would be fake flowers which ended up saving us over £500 (I did have 7 bridesmaids after all..!!). Obviously we didn’t want anything to look cheap and tacky but if you find the right fake flowers, they will look just as good and it meant that rather than them dying and being thrown away, each of the bridesmaids could always keep them to remind them of our wedding day.

I purchased the vast amount of fake flowers from IKEA, Dunhelm and local garden centres.


Another major part of the table decorations were the place sittings and for these we stamped every persons name individually onto brown tags; it was the most time-consuming DIY we did but they turned out really well.

The numbers on each table coordinated with the names on our table plan and I made them by using poundland gold frames with the glass taken out and using hessian in the background for a vintage feel with the table number traced using small rainbow silky roses also from poundland. It’s amazing what you can get in there and it just proves you don’t need to spend a fortune.


And speaking of the table plan ours was so fun to make! We found a 60s case in a vintage store and decorated it to suit our theme. I hand drew camper vans and coloured them in and then we just printed the list of names for each table.


Some of the DIY was really simple; we created and printed our own Order of Services (bearing in mind that printing them so they appeared in the right order when stapling, was ridiculously tedious and required a lot of patience!!) our menus for each table and a quiz for the guests to do while they ate their food. I found the borders etc from google and created them easily in word.


This was along with the signage for our photo booth, Pick n Mix table and guest book table. I think it’s really important to create signs so that it’s completely obvious what you want your guests to do especially when it comes to the guestbook area. We had white wooden hearts we wanted people to decorate and sign so we could create a frame to hang up on our wall at home, as well as the basic guestbook and without signs, it could get really complicated and you don’t want people spending forever there as you want to spend time with them!


I saw the above idea from my endless searches and obsession during the planning of the wedding(!) on Pinterest. We purchased the wooden arrows from hobby craft and a wooden stake from B&Q and literally wrote everything on in sharpies! Looking back I wish the writing had been more fancy and coherent, but I still think they look brilliant.

I know there’s a lot to take in on this post but I just wanted to show you that anything DIY’d doesn’t have to look cheap and actually it gives such a lovely personal feel to your wedding. There are so many ways to make your weddings individual and DIY is a brilliant one.


A Christmassy Weekend at Center Parcs


Hi Everyone,

Last weekend me, my husband and a couple of our friends went to Center Parcs at Woburn in Bedfordshire. Luckily for us it’s literally only 40 minutes up the road but it’s always so nice to get away from everyday life for a few days, even if it’s not too far away!

We had a Woodland Lodge for 4 people and I was really impressed by the disabled facilities. The main reception room and our bedroom and bathroom were a fantastic size, there was more than enough room for me and my wheelchair and my manual hoist to manoeuvre around with ease. The kitchen even had a lowered work surface and a sink with taps in a better position so that everything was easier to use.

The main reason we went at this time of year was because from 7th November this year, everything is set up for Christmas! I am a BIG fan of Christmas, so this was so ideal! There were pretty lights, Christmas shops, reindeer and fake snow. If you have children, they would love it so much but as you know I’m 28 and I still loved it!


We were pretty lucky with the weather and it never really affected anything we wanted to do. On the Sunday night there was a light display and fireworks organised by Center Parcs which were amazing and definitely worth going to, just make sure you wrap up warm as it was super chilly!

Overall for disabled people Center Parcs might be an odd choice as a lot of the activities are physical; if you enjoy swimming like I do they have a changing room with a ceiling hoist and a chair that can wheel you into the wave pool but be aware that the waves start every quarter to and quarter past the hour and I would avoid them if you aren’t a strong swimmer!

To be honest, it’s just a really nice atmosphere, to be with family or friends and to get away and relax if you want to. We went for some walks and the views were amazing, an ideal setting for someone who loves photography like me! It’s also an excuse to bring out the most amazing knitwear and winter accessories 😉


Jumper – New Look


Purple Turtleneck Top – H&M
Spotty Top – River Island (sold out online, check in store)
Jeggings – Next
Boots – Primark
Bag – Primark


Hat – H&M
Jumper – Old H&M (similar here)
Grey Jeggings – Select
Boots – New Look (sold out online, similar here)
Bag – Primark

I hope you don’t mind all of the photos, I got a little picture crazy while I was there and I wanted to share lots with you! Let me know if you like this style of travel post or whether I should make them shorter!

Hope you all have a good week.

Much Love,


Wedding Series – The Venue


Hi Everyone,

Some of you might already know but for those of you who don’t, I got married in May this year! It’s taken me this long (we’ve almost been married 6 months already!) to finally knuckle down and tell you about some of the aspects of the most incredible day of my life.

I wanted to start off my Wedding Series which will be on ‘Wedding Wednesday’ for the next 3 weeks, talking about the venue.

Obviously being in a wheelchair was always going to be a major factor in where we chose to get married as many older wedding venues, large houses etc have a lot of steps or are accessible but have ugly big ramps up to the doors. Another thing we found would be that I could get in, but I would have to go round a different way to everyone else which I just hated the thought of! Anywhere my guests were going to be, I wanted to be able to be there too.

Both of us have been brought up in Christian families so we definitely wanted to get married in a church and the local church to us St Giles, where we would go on a semi-regular basis seemed like the perfect place. It was ‘our’ church which also is accessible and beautiful on the inside and out, which was such a bonus!


Because we got married in the church, we needed another venue for the reception and as I mentioned above it was really difficult to find somewhere that suited us and we checked out many different options.

For some reason at the beginning of our search I was adamant we would have a field with a marquee; don’t ask me why! I think I always liked the effect of a village fete style wedding and marquees always seemed to be the option for this. But after checking out a couple of venues made purposely for marquees, it became obvious that it just wasn’t going to work! If it rained the grass could be bogged and people would be covered in mud, there would be porta-loos or the equivalent of outdoor toilets and all of our guests would have to stay in different accommodation and having family around us for the weekend was very important.

In the end we discovered a place in Northamptonshire called Barton Hall which had recently been extended and had only been a wedding venue for a couple of years but had fantastic reviews. We went to take a look and it was perfect! I could get everywhere any able bodied person could, all of the main hotel area was accessible as well as the reception room and the orangery where we would have our drinks reception. They also had around 30 bedrooms including 2 wheelchair accessible rooms, so it suited us and could sleep all of our family and friends so we practically had the hotel to ourselves!


The hotel itself is a beautiful venue and by having somewhere like this, it meant that food and drink would be included, they also set up our wedding and took everything down which took so much pressure off and left us to spend more time with our guests without having to worry about it.


Obviously everyone has different preferences and styles, but this just worked so well for us and if you are in a wheelchair and getting married, I’d definitely recommend checking out some hotels.

As you can see in a couple of photos, we did a lot of DIY for our wedding and I’m going to talk you through some of it in my post next Wednesday, so please keep an eye out!

If you have any questions etc then please leave a comment below and also if you have anything wedding related you’d like to share, then I’d love to hear it!

Much Love,

B & M Autumn / Winter Candle Haul

Hi Everyone,

So if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am completely obsessed with candles. I’d heard about the infamous B&M ‘Bath and Bodyworks’ candle dupes and I was desperate to get my hands on them. Unfortunately I can’t find any online to link for you but I went into store and they had a huge selection there.

I bought a whole range of candles with Autumn scents to Winter ones and they all smell soooo good! Also can we just talk about the packaging… I almost don’t want to burn them because they look so pretty! They were only £2.99 each for two wick candles so you literally can’t go wrong.

Now, we all know that describing scents is the hardest thing ever, so I’ll show you my haul below and then I’d definitely recommend you go and check them out in your local store.

Autumn Candles


Radiant Red Maple


Brown Sugar Allspice


Black Cherry Merlot


Marshmallow Fireside

Winter Candles


Frosted Cranberry


Iced Candy


Vanilla Snowflake

Happy Shopping!

Much Love,


Autumn Makeup Look Using Morphe 35P Palette


Hi Everyone,

I’ve wanted a Morphe palette for such a long time and I was always unsure which one to go for but I’ve recently been really into purple make up looks and when I saw the 35P palette, I knew it would be perfect.


As you can see there are a huge amount of shades and it was really affordable. The shades range from everyday nudes and browns through to reds and purples which are perfect for this time of year.

I wasn’t sure what the quality of the shadows would be like but from the couple I have tested, I am very impressed. I did have to apply one of the more glittery shades with my finger rather than a brush for more pigmentation but it wasn’t a big deal and it made the colour pop so much.


Products I used to get this look;

Eyebrows – Maybelline Masterbrow Palette
Foundation – Dior Star 020
Powder – Makeup Obsession Contour Powder Fair
Bronzer – Makeup Obsession Contour Powder Light
Blusher -Max Factor Creme Puff Blush Gorgeous Berries
Highlight – Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit That Glow – Dripping In Gold
Mascara – Top Lashes – L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale
– Bottom Lashes – Revlon Ultra Volume
Lipstick – L’Oreal Gold Obsession Plum Gold


For my eyes; I used 5 shades from the Morphe 35P Palette. I used No. 1 all over my eye and up to my eyebrows (I didn’t use any eyeshadow primer), No. 2 over my eye socket up to the crease, No. 3 is the shade I added with my finger on the inner half of my eye and the colour was incredible, I then added No. 4 on the outer corner of my eye and I smoked this out and blended it in with No. 5 into my crease, which I also used underneath my eye for a smoky eye look.



You can find the Morphe 35P palette here.

I am so excited to use more of the shades in this palette and I’m definitely adding a couple onto my Christmas list!

Are there any other Morphe palettes you think I should try?

Much Love,